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Views Vs Likes On YouTube, Which Is More Important?

A question that bothers a lot of YouTube creators is, which is more important between views and likes? To make a channel popular, it is very important to focus on one of these aspects. When you post a video and someone watches and likes it, both the view as well as likes count increases. This is the best thing that happens to someone's video on this platform. but this doesn't happen always. Most of the time people watch your video but don't like it. Due to this reason numerous people buy YouTube likes. So which of these is more important? Views or likes? Here, we will tell you about it.

The Process Of Monetizing

Generating money through their videos is the dream of every single content creator on this video streaming giant. At present the requirement to monetize someone's channel is up to four thousand hours of view time as well as a thousand subscribers in a month. To reach the desired subscriber count, many people buy YouTube subscribers. If you want to generate money through your channel, people must invest time in your videos. If this parameter is to be considered, then likes don't play any role in it. Likes don't matter when it comes to monetization of your channel.

Increasing The Number Of Views

In the arena of YouTube views and likes are both important, but you can't get likes without views. When people watch your video and the content is good, likes will follow. So, we can safely say that views are slightly more important than likes. You can increase your number of views if you buy YouTube views. In addition to this you can use multiple other ways to increase the views on your video. You need to put up a title that is clever along with an engaging thumbnail. You also need to choose the tags which are fit for the SEO.

A higher number of likes require a higher number of views. This makes the latter one more important than the first. The number of likes depend upon the number of views, but the opposite of this is not true.

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